Upcoming Public Meeting - Targhee Pass Alternatives

ITD to host Alternatives Public Meeting for Targhee Pass EA

ITD will be hosting a public meeting to present proposed alternatives for the Targhee Pass EA.

Wednesday, August 30 from 4-7 p.m.

Island Park EMS Building (4124 County Circle Road)

View Materials from Alternatives Development Workshop

Visit the Public Involvement page to view displays, information and maps from the July 27, 2017 Alternative Development Workshop.

What has been done up to this point?

Since 2004, the Idaho Transportation Department (ITD) has engaged in an intense highway corridor planning effort for U.S. 20 from Chester to the Montana state line - Idaho's gateway to Yellowstone National Park.

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Targhee Pass Environmental Assessment

ITD is currently conducting an environmental assessment of the Targhee Pass segment of the corridor (U.S. 20 between its junction with Idaho 87 and the Montana state line.). ITD is evaluating risks, benefits, opportunities, and costs associated with reconstruction of Targhee Pass.

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Targhee Pass EA Process & Timeline

The Targhee Pass study team is working through an open process to complete a thorough environmental assessment that considers and evaluates a range of potential solutions. During the scoping phase (December 2016 - January 2017), the study team gathered input from residents, local officials, regulatory agencies and other interested parties. Comments received are helping the study team refine the purpose of and need for reconstruction and will later help in the development and evaluation of alternatives.

Based on feedback received in the scoping phase specific to wildlife in the study area, ITD is working with the Idaho Department of Fish and Game (IDFG) through their joint Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) to develop a Cooperative Agreement to increase safety on state highways by identifying and implementing measures to reduce the wildlife-vehicle collision's (WVC). Specifically, this agreement will include retaining a consultant to help further analyze WVC reduction along the corridor while IDFG and ITD work to establish best management practices to reduce WVC’s, improve highway safety, provide for wildlife connectivity, evaluate road kill data, and mitigate impacts to drivers from WVC’s due to wildlife movements across roads.

The activities outlined in the Cooperative Agreement will be developed concurrently with the Targhee Pass EA in which ITD will focus on identifying measures to reduce the WVC rate within the four-mile study area.

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