Targhee Pass Environmental Assessment

Environmental Assessment Process/Timeline

The study team has been gathering input from residents, local officials, regulatory agencies and all interested parties to understand the issues facing Targhee Pass and surrounding areas. Once transportation needs are identified, we will work with stakeholders through an open process to complete a thorough environmental assessment that considers and evaluates a range of potential solutions.

In response to public comments during the scoping process for the Targhee Pass EA, and to continue efforts identified in the U.S. 20 Corridor Plan, the project goals and objectives have been refined. They now include evaluating improved safety for pedestrians and bicycles, reducing collisions between wild animals and vehicles (a goal is to reduce property damage and injuries associated with collisions and to protect wild animals), and maintaining wildlife movement for several species.

The Idaho Transportation Department and Idaho Department of Fish & Game (IDFG) are working together to identify prudent and reasonable safety solutions that reduce wildlife-vehicle collisions (WVC) and maintain or enhance local and migratory animal movement.